On the Holy Trinity

Greetings in Christ,

This coming Sunday is Holy Trinity. It is the Sunday that we are called upon to ponder the mystery of God who is one God in Three Persons. We will use the Athanasian Creed this Sunday as our confession of the oneness of God while confessing the Three Persons who compose the Triune God.

If you are like me, my mind is already swimming trying to comprehend what I have just written to you and the deeper I go into attempting to understand the Holy Trinity, the more perplexed I become. This does not mean that you and I are incapable of deep thinking, it means that there are things of God that simply lie beyond us.

Luther was reported to have said that if we could comprehend the wonder God places into a grain of wheat we would die for the sheer joy of the beauty it contains. How much more then the Holy Trinity. We have been created by God in His image with the deep desire to worship and adore God. Each thing God does and is for us draws us into Himself and His love for His creation, for us. 

As we are drawn into the wonder and beauty that is God, we encounter mysteries that we cannot comprehend yet know are truth. By faith we know that it is enough for these things to be true even if our ability to comprehend them lies beyond us.

One day we will know the fullness of God in all His glory and holiness, until then we will ponder as we are able the beautiful mysteries of the God who has created us, redeemed us and sanctified us. This coming Sunday we will ponder the Holy Trinity.

Blessings in Christ,

Pr. Hatcher