On What Children Learn

Greetings in Christ,

Vacation Bible School is on this week in both McGregor and Garnavillo. As with all our efforts to teach the faith it is our prayer that this week is filled with learning and fun for all. It is important to remember that learning the faith takes place all the time and not just in those special times we set aside for instruction.

A child who hears their parents or other Christians talk about the love of Jesus and then sees those same folk acting in an unkind manner toward others is learning. A child who hears Christians praying to Jesus and then hears those same Christians using Jesus’ Name in vain is learning. A child who is worshiping on Sunday morning and later hears criticism of the worship, other members or the pastor is learning.

We want to be careful how we not only speak of our faith to our children, but we want to be certain that our lives reflect the faith we are talking about as Christians. All the learning in Sunday School, Footstep to Faith or at VBS can be undone when adult Christians act in an unChrist-like manner.  

Let’s work hard to make certain that our deeds match our words about our love for Jesus.