Thou Hast Known Me

Greetings in Christ,


Psalm 139:16 (ESV)

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them the days that were formed for me,when as yet there was none of them.


370,000, that’s how many people are born each day.  It is a number that isn’t real until one of that number is your child or grandchild.  On Wednesday, our newest grandchild will be one of 370,000 babies born that day.  Months and weeks of prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery will transform into a lifetime of prayers for her life, that it would be a life filled with God’s blessings and joys.


Of course, we have no idea of how this Wee One’s life will go, what joys she may know, what sorrows she may experience.  We do not know if her life will be long and full, or if it will be brief and sorrowful.  These things are hidden from us.  Yet they are all known to God who formed her in her mother’s womb.


The psalmist, speaking by the Holy Spirit, gives us insight into the nature and mystery of God.  What to our hearts and minds is unknown and unknowable, is as bright and clear as a sunny Iowa morning.  The whole of history from the beginning of all things to the ending of time is laid out before God and known by Him.


More wondrously, each moment of each life is known to God.  Long before this newest grandchild was conceived, her life was known to God and she was loved by Him.  As St. Paul reminds us, that before the foundation of universe the love of God was present for us all.


It is in that eternal love and mercy that we live our lives, knowing that each day is His blessing to us as each life is precious to Him. May you, and all the generations yet to be born, know this love.