Bright Monday

Greetings in Christ,

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Monday following Easter is called ‘Bright Monday’.  It is intended to be a day of continued celebration of our Risen Lord and a day of personal renewal in the faith.  it is a wonderful tradition that helps to keep alive the joy and celebration of Easter as well as taking the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection out into our Monday world.

We are an Easter People, that is our lives are all lived in the light of the Resurrection and there are no days are not touched by this truth.  It is an ongoing challenge for us to live in the Light of the Risen Lord in an increasingly secular world, but the challenge should not trouble us.  Living fully in Christ has always been the daily task of the Church and the individual Christian.  

I hope you can look for ways to live out the Easter joy on this Bright Monday as well as all the other days of the week, even until the Lord comes again.