On Two Tragedies

I am sad beyond words at the death of Mollie Tibbetts. No one with normal human emotions could feel anything other than profound sorrow. I can also understand the anger at the man accused of her murder. His was a brutal and senseless act. I pray that justice is served and he never know freedom again.

I am also deeply grieved over the murder of Shanann Watt’s, a pregnant mother, and her two little girls, Celeste and Bella, by their husband and father in Colorado. His was an act of cruelty goes beyond the boundaries of human understanding. I pray for justice in this case as well.

Both situations are first and foremost human tragedies of unimaginable sorrow and pain. Yes, one was done at the hands of a man who came to this country illegally while the other was done by a man who is a natural citizen of our nation. Who the accused are and where they have come from should not be our focus at this time. Our focus should be on the death of five human beings whose lives were ended by the darkness that lies in human hearts. 

We must take care to not to use Mollie’s murder as a political talking point that seeks to serve our particular view of our nation’s immigration policy. Now is not the time for that discussion nor should we use her death as a tool to drive our agendas while her family is still in very profound grief.