On the Holy Trinity

Greetings in Christ,

This coming Sunday, May 27, is Holy Trinity Sunday. On this Sunday we are called upon to contemplate the mystery of the Holy Trinity, One God in Three Persons. Every effort to adequately explain the Trinity without falling into heresy breaks down at some point. Perhaps the best way we can begin to grasp the nature of the Trinity is through the Athanasian Creed, which we will use this coming Sunday.

Of course, as we will see as we confess the Athanasian Creed that it does not explain, it confesses the Trinity. In the worship and witness of the Church, a confession is a statement of faith and acknowledgment of the truth. We confess that we believe in God whose completeness and perfection we cannot begin to understand. We trust that God whom we worship in all His holiness and beauty is also the God who has made Himself known in the person of His Son, Jesus.

In Jesus we are shown the love and mercy of God so we can learn to love the God we cannot see or comprehend. In Jesus, we receive the unbounded grace that flows from the Trinity. In Jesus, we are drawn to the Trinity so the completeness of love that is the Trinity might become our dwelling place.