On Taxes, Caesar and God

Greetings in Christ,

‘Render unto Caesar the things that Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”

I wish that I could say that I like paying taxes, but that would not be honest. No one I know enjoys having others decide how much of their income will be taken even before the paycheck it cashed. Still, we live under a government that provides protection and services that we alone could not afford. Our taxes, when properly used, can perform many useful things on our behalf, for the good of the nation.

Fair-minded folk can debate what the good use of our taxes might be, and that is why we elect people to our local, state and national offices. Through them, the will of the people is done with the money they receive from us. 

As Christians, we owe allegiance to the government that is over us as all human authority comes from God. We do not give mindless allegiance; instead it is an allegiance that regards good government as a gift from God. When we are asked by our government to pay our taxes, we do so with the understanding that it is pleasing to God that we support the government to whom God has given the authority to govern.

It is important to remember that our first love and loyalty is to God. If our government acts in a manner that is contrary to the will of God, then we must obey God instead of the whims of human beings. The believer can and should refuse to obey any law that is opposed to God's will or compromises the Christian faith.

A government is always a temporary thing, given to serve the people, control the lawless and provide for the well-being of the governed. The Rule of God is eternal and will continue throughout the ages.