On Civility

Greetings in Christ,

Those who were in worship yesterday heard that I am somewhat distressed by the President's remarks about Haiti and some African countries as well as the response from several media outlets. A few pastors took the opportunity to add the vulgar word to their sermons yesterday, apparently wanting to cash in on the trend to be on the cutting edge of crudeness.

The lack of civility and decent behavior that is rampant in our nation has reached toxic levels. We have seen an increase in excessively violent actions around the world to the point at which we are becoming numb to its portrayal. We have swum in a sexual stew for decades in print, movies, TV, online and everyday language and it seems just now that people are shocked to find that using sex in unhealthy ways has consequences. The President uses vulgar language to speak of nations around the world experiencing all manner crisis and instead of acting responsibly the media repeated the coarse language incessantly.

None of this is in any way Christian. All of these things belong to the world that is passing away and should have no place in our lives in Christ. If we are in Christ, we are a new creation, and the old has passed away. The old ways will seek to reassert themselves in our lives, but in Christ, we have left these things behind.

The ancient Church's witness was so effective because they refused to live according to the practice of the world around them. They would not make friends with the world to just get along. They followed Jesus, even to death and in so doing drew millions to our Lord. 

Let us be that Church, unwilling to compromise our New Life in Christ for friendship with the world and live unashamedly Christian lives.